Editorial Policy

Alif radio Editorial Policy

Alif radio is an organization to present News and information and committed to ensure that the sources are authenticated and reliable.

Alif radio also presents different Islamic program such as Quran, hadith, interviews etc.

Alif radio recognizes individual’s right to express their view and understand on matters while respecting opinion of others.

We will invite scholars and learner Ethiopian Muslims to share their knowledge.

We invite individual to participate in radio interview to talk about their knowledge and experiences in life


Alif radio is formed to broadcast Ethiopian Muslims voices to exchange information and experiences.

Our coverage must be from authenticated and verifiable sources.


The radio station is known as Alif radio

The web site’s domain name is www.alifradio.com

Feel free to link this web site on your page and social media

All program and copy right controlled by the www.alifradio.com

N.B Alif radio is not affiliated with any political or any particular ethnic or religious organization.


Amharic is the main broadcast’s language and oromifaa also we include other languages to cover divers’ community in the future insha ALLAH